“We are always looking to acquire quality vehicles for our pre-owned inventory. Your car might be just what we are looking for. We would be happy to make you an offer on your car whether you buy a new one or not!”

Sell or trade your car in Santa Clarita California.

We Will Beat Any Competitor's Offers

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Offer for Your Car

How It Works

Step One:

Click on “Value Your Trade" and enter information

Step Two:

Receive free online estimate and stop by for vehicle inspection

Step Three:

Collect check

What We Consider in Our Offers

  • How it drives

    We’ll take your car for a test drive to see how it runs

  • Condition

    We’ll conduct an evaluation of the interior and exterior of your car

  • Vehicle history report

    Accident and service reports will help us understand what your vehicle has been through

  • Features & options

    It helps us to see the different packages and features that make your car unique


What We’ll Need From You

  • Keys

    All keys and remotes that you own will need to be transfered over to us

  • Car Title

    All titleholders will need to be present for us to purchase your car

  • Valid ID

    Valid state-issued photo ID for all titleholders.

  • Registration

    We will need to see valid and current vehicle registration to confirm ownership

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sell my car to you without buying a car as well?

Yes, and our offer will be the same whether you’re buying from us or not.

Can I get an offer for my car online?

In select markets, trade-in offers can be provided online. If your location is set to one of these markets, the online option will automatically be displayed in the Sell Your Car section of our website.

How do I get paid for my car?

You will leave with payment in hand the same day you sell us your car. We pay by check, which is a type of check where payment is guaranteed to be available by the issuing bank. A cehck must be deposited and cannot be cashed. Before attempting to draw on the check, always check with your bank to see if they have a specific hold policy on deposits.

Do you buy leased cars?

Yes! In most cases, you can sell your leased car in almost the same way as any other financed car. We'll appraise the car, then contact the leasing company for a payoff quote and process any equity you might have. Please note that some leasing companies will not allow you to sell the car prior to the expiration of the lease. Also, be aware that your leased car might not be eligible for trade-in tax savings. Check with your leasing company for complete details.

Do I need an appointment to get an offer on my car?

No, you never need an appointment to get an offer for your car. However, an appointment will ensure that we have you in and out in as little time as possible.

Can I sell a car to INFINITI Of Valencia on behalf of a company?

If you would like to sell a car on behalf of a company, please see a Business Office associate for the requirements needed.

Sell us or trade-in your car today, and walk away from the bill you had to pay!

Take Advantage Of The We Want Your Car Program At INFINITI Of Valencia

  • Above Market value for your vehicle
  • Low monthly payments
  • Better financing terms
  • Longer and more comprehensive warranty
  • Reduced cost of driving
  • Reduced maintenance and repair cost
  • Brand new comfort and entertainment features

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